About the Artist


My PASSION absolutely, positively soothes my SOUL!

Hello.  Welcome!   

Recently, I returned to CA after taking a long hiatus from the west coast to raise my three lovely children in my hometown of Harrisburg PA. Now, Ashley, Brad and Evan are young adults thriving in their own corners of the world. 

I'm indulging in a new freedom after ending 30 years of marriage. I must say it's absolutely refreshing and exhilarating to be a new resident of Fresno CA. My natural artistic talent began at a young age. You could often find me Doodling or Sketching animation characters. But, as I matured I put away what I thought were my childish things.


Life Changing Event

  I expanded my education, explored a variety of work opportunities and then proudly completed a 15 year corporate career with FedEx. Serving my last 7 years as an Operations Manager. 

While believing I was heading into a positive productive 16th year with FedEx I suffered a life changing event. It caused me to leave my beloved job and reevaluate my life purpose.

With a long recuperation and time I revisited the childish thing I tucked away. Immersed in drawing and painting I realized I had a gift. By taking Art Classes at Harrisburg Area Community College I was able to enhance my natural skills and talent. 

The Essences of Marley - Acrylic 36x48 Canvas

Sharing my Gift

 I have been fortunate to share my artwork with and for The Greater Harrisburg YWCA Programs (Designated Artist for the Cards with Heart Campaign 2015-2016), Harrisburg Super Heroes Weekend, Several Art Residencies - Blues City Culture Center Homeless Woman & Summer Arts Programs in Memphis TN, Art Exhibits - Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Restaurant & Gallery, Allison Hill Community Project "Shadow's Art & Garden Park," Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville, PA, Commissioned Artwork for Messiah College Mechanicsburg PA, URZC Gallery in Litiz PA and my community. 

 Lastly, I found great reward in volunteering and teaching Children/Teens & Adult Art Classes at the Susquehanna Arts Museum in downtown Harrisburg. Out of all the classes I've taught my favorite is the BAWESUM Women's Workshop in which I offer students peaceful getaway and an outlet to reduce stress during a 2- 3 hour group session. 

What I hope to accomplish today is that you afford me an opportunity to share my work or teach an Art Immersion Class. By Exhibiting or Teaching my goal is to spark positive creativity, increase awareness and brighten your day.

Creatively yours,

Melanie Glass